Weekly photo challenge: Window

My first ever blog – what to write about??
I’m a photographer, hobby, plenty of gear, don’t know how to use it all but “have a good eye”! My life has changed so much over the last 10 years since my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and I am doing things now that I could never have imagined myself doing. These are the things in my head I would like to blog about. Will anyone be interested in reading? I guess that’s what we all ask when we write our first blog. Who knows, who cares? I’m going to do it anyway.
Actually, I think I actually do care because the my strap line on the blog is “be the change you want to see”. Why I chose that strap line is too long a story for today and I hope I will ease myself into that one and perhaps encourage one or two others to be the change they want to be as well. In the meantime I sought inspiration for my first blog and came across the weekly photo challenge.
Appropriately this week’s theme is Window. Whilst I am very well at the minute, since my diagnosis I have spent quite a remarkable amount of time lying on my sofa, resting, looking out the window – it is a huge window, 8 feet high, right to the floor and runs the length and width of the room – its a ‘garden room’. Being “a photographer” I never like to miss an opportunity, so, through that huge window I have photographed birds feeding, pigeons mating (!), squirrels climbing the trees and munching apples, flowers and my two dogs.
Today that window afforded me the inspiration to write my first blog as part of this challenge as the people in the house behind are having their windows replaced. My challenge – to observe the men and avoid them seeing me pointing my rather large 500mm lens in their direction. As they stood on the scaffolding they could see me as clearly as I could see them – perhaps more so! However, this is what I got…Changing windows (1)

Changing windows

I selected both because I liked the image of the two guys one on either side of the open window, you can see the reflection of the lights on my own window from the kitchen behind me. The other, thankfully no “builders’ bum” but the boxer shorts waste band showing nicely!

When I’m ill this can be as exciting as a day gets for me, however, each day that I am well, I am grateful for it and I realise that this change in my health over the last 9/10 years has given me opportunities which I could either ignore, resent or embrace. I have chosen to embrace them, photography is just one of them. These things are what I would like to write about in my future blogs. I hope some of you will join me. Jennifer


11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Window

  1. Great first photos Jennifer! Looking forward to much more!! Ive also commented on your “About” page. Good luck with all this; Ive made some terrific new friends in the two plus years Ive had my blog. I think its kept me sane – well as sane as I’ll ever be 😊

  2. Jennifer I had no idea you had MS …. you are an amazing photographer, I love your Photographs, you are amazing with animals, so all in all you are and interesting and amazing lady and I look forward to following your blog !!

    1. Hi Joan, thank you so much for that feedback. Yes, there is little to show of my MS over the last 18 months or so, thankfully, but of course it is not always like that. It has resulted in many changes to my life – i guess you will learn about some of those changes in my blog – but yes my love of dogs has come about since my diagnosis, as has the photography, etc etc – and has afforded me the time to get involved in each! jx

  3. Hi Jennifer, Enjoyed your first “blog”
    Hope there will be many more to follow.

    If you get a glimpse of a hunky male with shirt off, that could be a good photo!!
    Maybe summertime for one of those..
    Hope everyone’s well. Jan xx

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for liking my first ever blog! Who knows what i will end up talking about – although I am certain the pooches will have a look in. Too cold at the minute for hunky males with shirts off – especially when they are up on scaffolding – but i can certainly do some in the summer!

    1. Thank you Lakshmi, I hope to blog a little about how i’m trying to do just that! That was my first ever blog and to be honest i am still struggling to find my way around the whole ‘blogging thing’ but i shall give it a go. Jenniferx

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