First ever full tummies…

So there is no photographic expertise to this photo, however, it seemed to me to be pretty appropriate for this challenge. In trust I cannot remember whether is was breakfast, lunch or dinner for these wee guys but for the purpose of this Daily Post Weekly photo challenge: dinner

These 7 pups were found abandoned in two milk crates tied together with a few bits of garden string near the rescue shelter in Spain where I help out as much as I can. When I’m there, I am an extra pair of hands and can do things that require that extra bit of time – such as looking after litters of puppies and spending time with shy or frightened dogs who are finding life difficult to cope with. More on some of those experiences in other posts!

On arrival, their skinny little bodies were jumping with fleas and their skin was encrusted with flea dirt. Even with the help of a couple of friends it took a couple of days to comb it all away and get them properly cleaned up. I named and “colour coded” them matching their colour to their identity photo so they could be easily recognised not only by me but by all the volunteers.

This photo was taken on day two after their cruel abandonment. What a joy it was to see them guzzling down together in their bowl with their little tails rigid, almost vibrating with excitement as they visibly expanded and resembled “wee tummies on legs”.

dinner time (3)


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