Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Roads of any kind

Random Roads from home and abroad…

I am enjoying these challenges as I find myself perusing my archives and reminding myself of photos I kept simply because I liked them, but never had reason to show them to anyone. So, for this challenge I have a little selection – the first three from my archives and three that I took this morning specially for the challenge. I hope you enjoy.

B&W Roads (1)
‘The Road Below’ – through the glass floor about 6ooft up in the Calgary Tower, Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
B&W Roads (6)
‘The Road to Rhonda’ province of Malaga, Spain
B&W Roads (4)
‘Old Access Road to Spelga Dam’, Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland               Cold and exposed, as we say here in NI… “It would’ve blown the head of ye”
B&W Roads 2
‘From across the Road’ – looking straight down my favourite residential road from across the road and though the traffic. Taken 22/04/16
B&W Roads 1
‘Crossing the Road’ – Malone Road, one of the main arteries into Belfast city centre. My settings were set before crossing the road so I did not need to stop, therefore, no photographer was injured in the taking of this photo 😉                 Taken 22/04/16
B&W Roads Stormont
‘Road to Parliament’, Stormont Estate, Belfast, Northern Ireland                                                        Taken 22/04/16

Normally the Parliament Buildings (home of the Northern Ireland Assembly) at the top of the hill would be my focus for the photo, however, taking up this challenge to make the road the main subject of a photo I revisited these beautiful grounds this morning and returned with this image.



7 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Roads of any kind

  1. Jennifer, you make everyday views we take for granted so much more interesting. Loving your choice of roads at home and abroad. What a talent you have

    1. Thank you Sandra, I am enjoying having an excuse to show some of my photos. This one took out me a beautiful walk in Stormont in the sunshine not to mention some strange looks in the morning traffic on the Malone Road and challenged me to photograph from a different perspective. Thank you for you encouragement!

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