Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: the Colours Red and Yellow

My first entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

The Colours Yellow and Red

I relished the chance to photograph a firework display last year in Calgary. Having travelled from Banff (about two hours drive) just for the event, we got caught up in a long traffic hold up so at the risk of being late for the display we tried to bypass the traffic only to realise we were trying to cut through a First Nation Reservation. It was reminiscent of the time in Northern Ireland where the Orange Order blockaded roads in protest against the rerouting of one of their parades. On meeting one of those road blocks it was prudent to turn the car around and not engage with those involved 😉 I have to stress that the the First Nation blockade was a rather more simple, civilised affair – no bonfires, balaclavas or lorries requisitioned for the purpose – just a couple of First Nation men leaning menacingly against the hood of their car with their arms folded ensuring that the world and his wife did not drive through their protected land. The effect, however, was the same. We promptly turned around rejoined the traffic jam and our two hour journey turned into a four hour endurance. We arrived at the park in Calgary (hungry and busting for the loo) with only minutes to spare before the start of the display. I had no time to make any preparations for my camera before the start so just had to guess shutter speeds, exposures and began shooting.

We all agreed that it was worth the effort. The display was put on by the team who did the Beijing Olympics, it was a feast of wonderful colour, choreography and of course themed to some beautiful music. The combination of sight and sound was a quite emotional jaw-dropping experience.

As most of my photos were taken using my rucksack as a makeshift tripod, I hadn’t realised that the couple in front were in shot. Lucky break and thankfully they sat pretty still on most of the long exposures!

yellow and red (2)

yellow and red (6)
A bit of ‘life imitating art’ or some version of that saying! On trawling through my photos I saw this and it struck me how alike it was to a couple of my firework photos

I have lots of red flowers and yellow flowers, however, I decided to post these two instead. Yes, I do realise  that the daisy is well past it’s best, but there is still beauty there, something akin to photographing and old beat up car I suppose. The leaf stood out to me one day as the sun was shining through it.

And from the natural to mechanical…

yellow and red (3)
Medical aid snowmobile off to the rescue. Not something you ever want to have to call into service but these guys do great work on the mountains.


yellow and red (5)
Harland and Wolff cranes – Samson and Goliath dominate the skyline in Belfast. They are twin gantry ship building cranes, but since the cessation of ship building in Belfast they are in dry dock and are engaged for heavy lifting, in the repair and reconditioning of huge oil rigs and building of wind turbines. When you fly into George Best City Airport they are the most notable and impressive sight and whilst not ‘listed’, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency recognises them as “buildings of architectural or historic interest”


6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: the Colours Red and Yellow

  1. enjoying your blogs Jennifer. The photos are amazing . Love the fireworks and the leaf is incredible. Such precision with colour. You have such skill with that camera!

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