Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Hiding or Camouflaged

Our little friend here chose an almost perfect place to take up residence, almost indistinguishable from the stone finish on our water(less) feature by our front door – this being the only flaw in his plan 😉 I thought he would make a good entry for the ‘camouflaged or hiding‘ theme this week.

I had wondered why our two dogs reacted a little strangely a couple of times when venturing out the door but I had seen nothing to explain their behaviour. It was only when he peeped out to traumatise a friend of ours that we realised this (we think) Southern Smooth Snake was living literally under our doorstep.


Perhaps half a metre long, maybe more, my son and I decided he needed to be ‘re-homed’. So, not knowing whether this little fella posed any risk to us, we bravely (not) got a net on a rather long pole and gathered him up. The photographer in me, however, felt the need to try to get a decent picture, so before releasing him we set him in open ground and I lay down and started shooting. Looking through the lens we often do not realise how close we actually are to the subject and in this case it had ‘snaked’ and hissed its way to only inches from my lens. Slightly unnerving but I got a few decent shots and no photographer was harmed in the process!

We gently scooped him up again in the net and re-homed him just far away from our house so as not to scare anyone calling at our front door.

Those last three photos are not part of the camouflage challenge but I thought I would add a couple of photos that fall more into the ‘hiding’ category … or perhaps incognito would be a better word…just for fun

The first is a chimp at the zoo – as much as I have very  mixed feelings about zoos I had gone to try to photo a new baby just born to the oldest female. While all the fuss was centred on her, this male just seemed to want to hide away under his blanket. I had to wonder what he thought of his life on display. The second is my wee dog Polo who insisted on sunbathing in extreme temperatures, so we covered him in a white towel and lent him some sunglasses 😉 . The third if you look closely is a frog who has successfully crept up on a fly who is no doubt about to become a snack.

Thank you to Cee for hosting this B&W photo challenge. It really has the knack of getting me to look at photos in a different way. Jennifer


4 thoughts on “Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Hiding or Camouflaged

    1. Yes I am, and I do like the style of your photography. I do tend to be quite wordy sometimes but I hope the photos make up for that! The snake photographs I had previously only had in colour because – well people needed to be able to see him. Although to be honest the camouflage was even more obvious (if that is not a contradiction in terms!) in colour, simply because he was the same colour as the the stonework.

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