Discovering a Bearded Iris!

part of  Cee’s flower of the day: Bearded Iris

I don’t have many flowering plants in my garden at home, but I do in Spain. So today, quite by chance, I came across a bearded iris photo from Spain AND what I HOPE is also a bearded iris growing wild. I’m hoping that Cee will be able to confirm whether it is or isn’t 😉

I’m pretty sure this is a bearded iris (not very good with plants and fauna) taken in the lovely Spanish sunlight
bearded iris
This I saw growing on the steep banks down to the Rhonda Valley, Malaga Province, Spain. Is it a wild bearded iris?Cee’s flower of the day

4 thoughts on “Discovering a Bearded Iris!

  1. Yep, that is a bearded iris.:D Wonderful to see them growing wild. They are bulbs and most like a squirrel or some other animal buried it there. Irises also naturalize (create other bulbs). So I can see them popping up most anywhere there are small animals that bury their food. 😀

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