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Cee’s oddball photo challenge: week 20

Saw this and thought of you….r photo challenge Cee!

oddball toilet
Went venturing out one day in the hope of finding vultures on the ground to photograph and had stopped in area where we had spotted them on passing. Unfortunately just as we stopped to turn the car around a motorbike revved passed and they all took to the air thus my opportunity had passed. Nevertheless we got out of the car and had a wee walk around hoping they might reappear. They did not. However, I did find this loo perched neatly under a bush, completely undisturbed by the motorbike and passing photographers (me). My husband never understood why I photographed this but for some reason I did, and now I know why… it has it’s place in Cee’s oddball photo challenge
oddball (1)
And whilst on the subject of facilities in odd places… I photographed this bathroom sink in the narrow streets of Castellar de la Frontera, Andalusia Spain

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge (COB): week 15

As always I have difficulty choosing only one image – which is why I have so many external hard drives for my laptop!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my entry to Week 15 of Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge. I love candid photography and couldn’t resist sneaking one of this gentleman taking a rest in a rare moment of sunshine in “our wee country” (Northern Ireland). People from far and beyond will not have seen too many men with hankies on their heads but in the UK it is not uncommon in men of a certain generation. Ah well better than a sunburnt scalp!

odd ball (1)

I enjoyed watching this New York Cop directing the traffic after a busy game at the near by stadium. It’s just the facial expression that makes me smile.odd ball (2)

This pigeon was showing off in my garden one day, he did actually attract a mate and I captured that activity on camera too – but again I just love the expression on his face.


And this moorhen looked so odd landing on one leg! Not sure whether or not he even had another leg but a skilled landing regardless 😉